Friday, 1 December 2017

My Zong APK for Android Devices Free To Download

My Zong application is one of the best application for using telecommunication to control your zong account, This is the biggest telecom network in Pakistan, very few users know about the application but this application will release you to any calling to call center for any package updates, so this application gives you any kind of packages which you want. You can also check your free resource and remaining free resource. Activation or Deactivation bundles for packages, you can also check the details about internet bundle or history, recharge of your account credit, you can take recommendation for any kind of package and much more you want. You can login upto five number digits at the same with the very easy and simple method, This is with my Zong application, prepaid and postpaid, Internet Sim customers and MBB can get the following advantages in three languages that is English, Urdu and Chinese Language.
  1. You can get and view the ownership of the SIM Card,
  2. This application has the advantage to get details for postpaid users can now check your electronic bill summary of previous three months,
  3. Through this app you can manage your Account,
  4. You can see your internet Usage of the current month,
  5. This application has the feature that you can recharge your account through scratch card or recharge online,
  6. You can check your current balance and expiry date of the of the balance,
  7. Through the application you are able to activate package plan and promotional information for the users who are using postpaid service or prepaid service, also able to activate internet SIM bundle,
  8. You are able to recommendation for data manager of data bundles based on which you consume, also deactivate and activate promotions packages of the network. 
  9. This is possible when you are customer of the network then you can get Videos, Book 4G device, Games and Apps, Zong help Line summary, PAYMax intermediary search or find, also you can able to social media of the network that is Twitter, Chat, Whatsapp and Facebook.
  10. This application will give you the details about call and messages bundles.


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