Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Samsung Gear Manager APK Free To Download

The Samsung Gear Manager APK conjoin your Samsung Gear to your android device, it also control and look after the Samsung Gear functions and apps that you are installed through gear application, by using the application set up  you can manage and control the following features,

  1. You can easily set your cloth setting,
  2. By using this app you can manage Software Updates,
  3. This apps offer you to android device connection and disconnection,
  4. You can easily do application downloading and settings,
  5. By using the application you can find my Gear
  6. By using this app, the app will alert you to notification type and setting and so on,
When you installed the application on your android device then mate your android device Gear via Bluetooth to fun with all of the features. Set Up and characteristics assist by the android gear applications are only serviceable when your Samsung Gear is turn on or connected to your android device. Characteristics will not run properly without a fixed connection between your Samsung Gear and your android device. This application does not assist the Gear 360 and Gear VR. This application not support for tablets and assist device diversify depending on your area or region, operating system and device model. The resolution supported 1920*1080 fHD, 1280*720 gHD, 2560*1440 WQHD, 800*480 WVGA, 1280*800 WXGA.
Main Keywords are Gear Manager, Gear S3, Gearfit2, GearS2, Samsung Gear, Manager.
Kindly allow the SamSung Gear apk allow in android setting so you can use all the feature and functions in android version 6.0 Setting>Apps>Samsung Gear>Permissions.
Application Permission:
The following permission are needed for the application is fully run. For optional requirements, the default functions of the service is turned on but no allow.
Permission Needed:

  1. This apps search locations used for nearby devices for gear through Bluetooth is required.
  2. Contacts are used to assist services that required to be linked with account setting registered Samsung account information.send forward and get receive the stored files and folders with Gear.
  3. Telephone is used to verify device distinguish identification info for up to date application and installing plug in apps.

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