Sunday, 19 November 2017

MyAPK Free To Download For Android Device

MyApk (App) will draw out app consist system apk and keep preserve files for back up to SD or Memory Card that is micro or secondary SD Card, internal and external storage and so on. This fruitful application tools assist you to simply share apps to your friends through zapya, Bluetooth, email or any other social network application.

The following are the features of MyAPK (App):

  1.  Elect all of your applications consisting system application.
  2. Strain application by application kinds that is system pre installed or users third party applications.
  3.  Install application simply and easily through (APK Installer).
  4. Huge remove or delete application files.
  5. Huge apps file renames with hifi options,
  6. Be clever to select apps scan folders to optimise scanning functions,
  7.  Sorting application by names, install and update names, package name, application size descending and ascending,
  8. Find application rapidly by enters its name or package name,
  9. Share applications consisting batching functions and compress to Zip files and folders before sending to anyone via social network that is Facebook, Skype, Bluetooth, zapya, Gmail etc
  10. The MyApk backup that is import or export applications help batch functions and compress to Zip files and folders before saving to application (apps separator for  application backup). It is extremely faster for even several huge applications and android games.
  11. Draw out application information is very narrate  level. Its list all of functions, services, apk authorities, signature minimum sdk version and so on are used in an application that is fruitful for android tools for developers.
  12. Find similar applications on Play Store.
  13. You can easily uninstall applications.
  14. You may create shortcut for applications that is depends on your launcher, the attitude may be distinguish.
  15. You can easily browse applications internal and external data files and folders that is work on some es files explorer, files explorers and so on,
MyAPK has the quality to use an Apps manager,
  1. You can consist your all applications on your SD Card like APK explorer,
This application theme is colored with support 6 built in primary colors that is optimise for your android device Samsung and other androids.


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