Friday, 3 November 2017

King Liker Auto Social Android App (APK) Latest Version For Android Devices

King Liker Auto-Social-Android-App-(APK)-Latest-Version-For-Android-Devices
Now a days Auto likers are very popular in the world because every one want to increase likes on his status updated in the social apps. King social app is one the best method to ger more then ten thousand likes on your updated pictures, videos and your pages which are updated in Instagram, facebook and youtube. This app permit you to get likes pictures, videos and any other update status  on Instagram, facebook and also you updated your videos in your youtube channel. It is very simple  and easy to use that is if you required to get or receive more likes for  page you are manage on facebook just search your facebook page, page link and commence to be liked. For your videos or pictures on instagram then firstly you must manage your account as a public account and copy the links of your video and pictures.
The following are the methods for instagram to likes photos and videos which are as follows,

  1. In the application tap, the button is above the publication,
  2. First you get your account link from Instagram.
  3. Afterward, then copy the Share URL, the link will be saved to your android device, notepad or any portable device,
The following are the tools for facebook account to likes your videos, pictures and you must enable the settings of  your accounts which are as follows,

  1. Firstly login your facebook account and you must enable your account
  2. The second tool is tap your facebook account setting button,
  3. After the setting tool is open up, tap the followers category button then
  4. The page which is start to opened page, select the public option to retrieve the following button on your facebook time line then you are able to do increase your videos and pictures likes
 Now a days millions of users using this application to increase picture and video likes that is very cool and best method, i hope you guys will fun with the application.


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