Sunday, 26 November 2017

INoty APK {Latest} For Android Free To Download

INoty APK is latest application. Now a days apple have just announce OS 10 the latest and next version of OS 9. If you are using any android mobile then you must use some tools of OS 10 also.
INoty OS 10 is the complete compound for i launcher, notification lock screen of OS 10 theme of IPhone, control panel, control center and you will have the practice to be utilize OS 10 with INoty latest OS 10. This is totally no cost and well notification OS 10 apps for android mobile.INoty style OS 10 support you achieve the cool OS 10 notification center make you android devices have notification center theme IPhone IOS 10. This application convey themes for IOS 10 on your android devices.
INoty has different features which are as follows,

  1.  You can customize your own INoty OS 10 that is best for you,
  2. This application is totally free of cost for all,
  3. This application have frequent search application with search Bar shape ILauncher OS 10, 
  4. You can set your setting what notification you really desired to show with INoty OS 10,
  5. This application notification center to become visible miss calls, also you may call text or call in one tab,
  6. This application display battery percentage, network connectivity and carrier and so on,
  7. This application has IControl procedures,
  8. This application has also Blur backgroud HD Display wallpapers...,
  9. You can manage menu setting bar, change airplane mode, open setting android,
  10. This application has the quality show today and notification information
  11. This application has wonderful and simple control and design for clipboard notification,
  12. This application has Note Information, Events, Calendar, Support Notification lock, assist control panel, Smart Control Panel, and event for next from your current date, also show weather broadcast real time, assist set time 24 hours and 12 hours formats.
  13. This application has info and alert showing notification center, strength of signal, and wifi signal look like a theme, smooth animation shape,this is small in size but very powerful.
You can setting everything to confirmation what you desired,
  1. Swipe to reveal INoty or events and calendars for tomorrow, open notification to check notify and notification information. also show today notification information.
  2. This application allow to you toggle Airplane mode, data connection, turn on or off light, portrait orientation look, Bluetooth, battery saver, Brightness, find location, for wifi and jest with your new notification center.

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