Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Daegoo 100 GB Storage Android (APK) App Latest Free To Download

Daegoo 100 GB Storage Android if free coud drive, you can back up your data  directly from you android device, tablets and other portable devices, select what you wanna back up that is your android data like your files and folders, pictures the Daegoo store all it safely in. This drive permits you bring all your videos, musics, documents and pictures etc. All data is highly secure also you can share your data, your files free forever with the application. The ultimate application all in one storage drive for your android devices, tablets and other portable devices.
You can save your all past memories with personalized feeds, Wherever you wanna to open the drive you can and see your pictures and documents, music and videos. The community coded all your cram using military grade decode pre uploading them to the storage device, this assure you that all your files and folders are stored safely with high privacy. The Daegoo automatically detect when you capture a new picture with your android device camera or add some folders and files and be sure your back up is always up to date. Do not think back up ra again. The app back ups your data and synchronize all your data automatically and directly from your tablet, android device or any other portable devices. Daegoo always allow you to upload triple copies of each file and folder to assure they are every time there. When you required them simply upload them into mega safe cloud IE and approach them when ever you want. Daegoo has very simple and easy players streams and you can easily access to your videos and musics streams in real time without facing any trouble for the download to finish.
List down your all files and folders in the IE and use the easy files views to access, your data is directly in the application so you can get all info in your finger tips, save every thing in your own created files and folders in the app and synchronize any time you wanna to fully back up your data.
The Daegoo 100 MB Storage smart sign in helper assist you for login all your devices without your password and keyword.
You can send and transfer your data for free with the send file lugin and same situation to upload using the same military grades security.


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