Saturday, 14 October 2017

True Caller (Latest) Version App For Android Free To Download

True Caller Latest version is most popular now a days about two hundred and fifty million users trust on the true caller, now a days to indentifying unknown calls, block spam sms is very easy. It pass through a strainer out the unwanted, and lets you interface with people who casue of distress you.This is the world best identity to find out unknown callers who is unknown for you and block all spam and robot calls, you can aslo find the name of unknoiwn callers from this application. Send emoji and status and share locations to your friends if your friends are free to talk to you. The application has the power to automatically identify every unkown message or SMS, you can block by name and number series. True caller has complete dual sim supportable for android devices.
The following are the key features of the True Caller,
  1. Do not take tension, be relax, whose call expert in unknown incoming calls and shun sense bother spam calls. You may know who is calling quickly as well as output the required to return the call once the number is search,
  2.  Recive only important calls and identifying unknown calls,
  3. Shun the bother calls like spam call, robot call, spam and so on by one touch and phonebook search and identify who is calling
  4. You may identify the number with out internet connection,
True Caller card provide you the power to individualize your own caller identification, so no one of of your customer will do the mistake you as a spam or wrong call continue again. Individualise android device personal card and add up the calling answer rate via  photo of your self during calling info page, busy worthy clients by individualise any fresh news and picture.
Offline data base is availabale in different countries like USA, HONG KONG, INDIA, INDONESIA, KOREA, JAPAN, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, BRAZIL, SAUDI ARABIA and ENGLAND and so on.
You can get alot of fun with this application.


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