Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Mega (Latest) App (APK) For Android Devices Free To Download

Mega Latest app is very safe cloud storage service that assist you 50 GB free storage space which is very huge to storage data files and other important documents unequal other cloud storage suppliers. Your specific data is encode and decode by your users devices and not by Mega community. You can easily upload your files from your android devices, tablets or other portable devices, you can easily download, search, share, review, rename your files and folders also delete any time from any device. You can upload your contacts, apps and see your items which are uploaded in the Mega App and their update on daily basis.
The encoded functions means the community can not approach or reset your security password so you must feel that you are free from any hurdle but remember that you have your main master key back up or you will lost your access to your saved and delete stored files and folders. Inside the application you can increase your storage and capacity quota with the monthly or yearly subscription. Before Lite subscription $4.99 per month and $50 per year supports you 200 GB of storage space and 1 TB of transfer quota per month.
Subscription are extend automatically for continues subscription tenure of the equal duration and the similar price as the commencement tenure which you are choosing. To arrange your subscription, easily and simply on the Google Play Store icons on your android devices, tablets and other portable devices. You can simply sign in your google id, if you have not any account id then just click on Mega App you will be eligible to make your id from Mega and subscribe from there. The Mega App also permit you write external storage and download your files and folders from your android device also take a picture and upload your photo in Mega.
I hope you guys can get benefit from this application.



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