Friday, 1 September 2017

Whatscan for Whatsapp Latest Version


Whatscan  is the simplest, easiest and fastest app that you will start to open the same whatsapp account on two distinguish smartphone or tablet for free app. We can use the similar Whatsapp account on tablets and smart phones. We can two accounts in the same cell phone. Send and receive pictures, messages or even in video from your relatives, friends and family with whatscan very conveniently. Whatscan for whatsapp protected with password, more than sixty plus languages. Whatsapp Web for Messanger and cheating are simple to influence whatsapp with klon whatsapp account. More than one account is open in the same APP. Whatscan is not the application of Whatsapp inc., it is created by the Whatsapp for Web by United State of America.
Whatscan application allows you to run and synchronize more then one Whatsapp account in a single cell phone, have a complete access to your Whatsapp contacts, message, chat list, files and photos on more than one device.   
 Whatscan app is the simple and easy application to open, run and control another Whatsapp with the one device. 
Whatscan for WhatsApp is also best WhatsApp, evern with out a sim card, we can any time run Whatscan Web App is highly user friendly and simple to use, not rocket science is needed, just plug and play.  

Start Whatscan App:

Only scan the QR code on multi messenger with the device that has your Whatsapp account, also done Synchronize fully, now you get access the same Whatsapp account on both devices.
 It is easy to get full access to the other Whatsapp acoount,
  1. Read and reply messages
  2. Changes status updates
  3. Change Profile picture
Download Images and videos

You can easily control another persons Whatsapp account but this app is not consist Whatsapp Inc., We can use a the apps which is provided by Whats app. 

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