Wednesday, 27 September 2017

CamScanner For Android Devices Latest Update Version V 4.9.5 Free

CamScanner-For-Android-Devices-Latest-Update-Version-V 4.9.5-Free
CamScanner is the best android mobile document scanning and quick application and hundred millions users are installed more then one hundred fifty countries and geography.
CamScanner supports you to scan your documents,store and synchronize on different contents across android phones, tablets and personal computers.
There is different advantages, use your android device or tablet camera to scan documents, notes, invoices, white board debates, business cards and certificate and so on.
Smart cropping and automatically enhancing create the texts and graphic and pixels look soft and quick.
By entering any keywords you will look a list of documents with the words and sentences in their contents and titles, notes or photos.
Optical character recognition (OCR) origin texts inside single page for more editing or text sharing that is licensed only.
Simply and quickly share documents in JPEG or PDF format with others passing through social media and e mail attachment or dispatch the document links.
Invite your friends or family members to see and comments on your CamScanner in a group.
At the time you can print your documents through CamScanner if connected with printer and you can directly fax the documents are make available for you.
Fix your passcode for seeing important documents, whatsoever when you will sending document links, you can set password to secure it.
Just sign in to any android device, tablet or personal computer, you can see,edit and share your any documents, which are in your id. sign up to synchronize documents in your e mail id.

There is also availability of premium subscription advantages which are available to you upto 4.99 $ per month to 50$ per year.

  1. Every thing is paid application offer
  2. Download PDF files in web application
  3. 10 GB cloud space Added
  4. Forty extra collaborators added
  5. Every advantage is enjoyed by register users,
  6. Forward document links with secure password and expiry date  
  7. Automatically upload documents to email box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Evernote and so on.
The free version is an add helped version and scan documents are watermarked. This is amazing application you save your time if it is installed in your android application


CamScanner-For-Android-Devices-Latest-Update-Version-V 4.9.5-Free

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