Saturday, 9 September 2017

Blue Whale Dangerous Android Game

Now a days Blue Whale is very dangerous and debated everywhere in the world. The Blue Whale give one difficult task after the another. He finished every task and retain on moving to the continuous levels. The last and ending difficult level is ask to commit suicide. Then the game developer gives instruction to top of the building and jumps from the building. If police hypothesis are to be trusted, this is what ready to death of the fourteen year old mumbai boy five days ago. This is the initial death in India, which is being connected to the not famous Blue Whale Game. The proper nine guys doubtful discussed with his friends, and talking about the final stage. They think he was jesting when he told them he would not coming school after that. The game is trusted to have move gently many teenage live is Russia and even in UK. If you have already tried searching for the game on online , you would realize it is not publicly available. The admin prohibited and control who can allow to the game. Up to Date report recommend that the administration clarify their victims and send them the links, which once opened on their phones and they copy of your every data in your device.

For not playing of the game,Blue Whale made it first performance to the public and trust that to have killed more than hundred teenagers sofa,  Now a days the developer of the game is sentenced for three years jail or imprisonment investigating teenagers take challenges on the internet to playing the Blue Whale Game. Now i think it is help to end the committing suicide to taking the challenges of the game.

Starting the first Blue Whale was death in India, Psychologist and Author Seema Hingorani talks who are in mumbai based,  I am very shocked that the kid was very suffering from deep depression. This make him for a complete victim for a essence effect like Blue Whale Game, that is why i also upset how the gamer developer do that.

For Parents

Parents must supervision keep on eye what do his child in internet and tell them about the dangerous games and beware them not to play such kind of games.

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