Wednesday, 27 September 2017

App For Android Hurry Latest Version V 1.8.9

App-For-Android-Hurry-Latest -Version-V 1.8.9
App Hurry is very famous, and new android device app now a days, because every one is busy in his or her own working and time is very precious for every one in the world.  Hurry is a small application that counts the days, minutes and seconds for any future events, a farewell party or any holiday or any upcoming program which you are not remember, Sorted count down the seconds until Crismtas, Eid, Holly or any other holly day. Hurry will retain you alert with alternate notifications/ widgets and refreshing new gifts. Hurry retain all kind of widgets with distinguish to fit to your home screen, it even consist on alternate for watching the time that is minute, second and days disposed away as your holly day approaches. Share an event or concert with your family, relatives and friends also include wonderful imaginary, so they can get to gather or join in the exciting days.
Hurry is new android device widget. It makes simply and quick count down timers. You can use it for the precious days like birth day, special and specific events, or even your favorite television shows that you do not want to miss it even any one episode of the drama in the TV serial.
It also consist day to day or recurring countdowns, setting of notifications and so on, The widgets are commonly fantastic. They should not to come into violent or conflict or too hard with any theme in your android device. The application is recently free to download and use after some time the application is launched to app purchase.
Recently there is some changes in the application of Hurry which are as follows,
Frequently repetition for evens like third Sunday in MAY ,23 March or the First Monday of the Month and so on, Add widgets for the past events, which you want to remember in your memories, so this application will remind you the specific date in the future. Widgets are now a days counts in hours and minutes when it gets to day of the concert or event.
Fix for commencement glitch animations on some devices, also notification bug is also you can fix it, you can also fix other bugs you need to do.
If you install the application then you not to required to retain any diary of special personal secretary because the application Hurry always alert you to do the work.

App-For-Android-Hurry-Latest -Version-V-1.8.9

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