Monday, 25 September 2017

999 Facebook Auto Liker Latest Update

999 Facebook Auto liker permits you a very easily and simple way to like your own profile pictures and the status you updated. Now a days every one want to increase likes in his or her pictures and status updates so that is reason 999 Facebook Auto Liker is very popular in the world.

How to install the 999 Facebook auto liker? First you download the facebook auto liker app from the link below, when you download the click on the download link which shows install blocked, For security, your phone is set to blocked installation of apps obtain from unknown source, after you click the unknown source and allow this to installation only. Then 999 Facebook Auto liker ask, do you want to install an update the existing application? and your existing data will not be lost. The updated updated application get approach to install, the start box is appear in your android device or tablet when you click on start then there is many other options you will get that is

  1. Custom
  2. Popular
  3. Nature
  4. Social and People
  5. Animals
  6. Weather and Seasons
  7. Holidays and Celebrations 
  8. Family
  9. Fashion 
  10. Entertainment
  11. Follow and Likes
  12. Travel and Photography 
When you click on facebook liker there is some guidelines which are as follows,
click the below button, login with facebook and permit all the application permissions.
your facebook follower must be enable and also if you see a page written success in it, ignore it and wait for few minutes. when you allow to all information then you get likes if your followers are enable.
So this is very popular application 999 facebook auto liker you guys can also fun with the application and increase your likes and follower but enable your followers.


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