Thursday, 31 August 2017

Find Lost Android Devices App


If you search a loss Android cell phone or tablet, you can easily find, , erase or lock it. Search my device is by default for android cell phones connected with a Google Account.

To utilize search my device, you can find your lost device should be:
  1.  Turn On Your Cell Phone
  2.  Sign In your Google Account
  3.  Connected with your mobile data or with wifi
  4.  Perceptible on Google Play 
  5. Situated Turn on
  6. Search or Find my device is turn on

If you have link your phone to google account, you can search or find or ring by searching to find your phone on

Find Lock or Erase:

Find my device is link with a device, you can see the device location, and the cell phone receive a notification,
  1.  If you have several devices, Utter or click the lost device at the footer of the screen.
  2.  Open and sign in your Google Account.
  3.  You can see your device on the google map where the device is situated
  4. If your android phone is not found, Find my Device will show it previous known location, if available then catch what you want to do, if required, firstly Enable Lock and Screen.
  5.  Play Sound, Rings your device at high volume for approximately five minutes, even though mobile phone is silent or in vibration.
  6.  Lock: locks your cell phone with your pattern, pin, password of figure print or if you have not locked then you can set one. You should add a recovery message or phone number to the lock screen
  7. Erase: Erase permanently delete all data on your device but you can not delete your SD cards data, After you erase, Search or Find my Device would not work on the android phone.
Important Note:

If you find out your cell phone or device after erasing then you must need your Google Account password to use it again.


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